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Santa Claus to Offer Short Term Coverage for Seasonal Workers

Santa Claus to Offer Short Term Coverage for Seasonal Workers Featured Image

Check out this article I just read in the North Pole News:

For an elf, not having health insurance is risky business. Constantly crawling up ladders to hang mistletoe and candy canes, ice skating to work every day, racing snowmobiles on the weekends. Imagine their relief when Santa announced he would be offering short term medical insurance to his seasonal workers.

“We’ve always wanted to provide healthcare to these little guys when they come to work during the toy building season, but with their height to weight ratio and lack of social security numbers, we’ve just never been able to find a company to underwrite them,” says Albert Bates, CEO of Insurance Services of America. “Thankfully the HCC Life Short Term medical plan was the perfect plan for these folks. Just today we helped an elf submit a claim for an unfortunate slip and fall involving a narwhal horn.”

The elves have all expressed their gratitude and say they are very pleased with Santa’s decision to provide coverage for them. “Actually it was easy,” Santa said. “We just applied online and everyone had ID cards in their teeny little hands within minutes.”

In addition to coverage for unforeseen sickness and injuries, the elves can also take advantage of a $50 Urgent Care co pay benefit that waives their deductible. The HCC Life STM also offers coverage to elves who have been declined for health insurance, as well as elfin child alone coverage.

According to Alabaster Snowball, the Human Resources Supervisor at North Pole Enterprises, Insurance Services of America has long been providing worldwide coverage for Santa during his International Travels and has been an integral part of extending that coverage to the rest of Santa’s crew. “Those guys are great,” Snowball stated. “When you call their office, they always answer the phone ‘Merry Christmas’. It’s nice to deal with a company who still calls it by the right name.”