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How I Spent My Spring Break…

How I Spent My Spring Break… Featured Image

Dear Mom and Dad,

Spring Break is a blast, wish you were here. The ocean is just beautiful, and the water is so clear you can almost see the jellyfish before they sting you. Boy those little suckers really hurt! I think I might remember where I left my wallet, too. I sure hope so, ’cause for the past few days I have been existing on a diet of Chiclets that I purchased from one of the roadside natives here. I tell ya, people can be very friendly to tourists. Just yesterday, some people told me to take a hike. I thought that was very nice of them to suggest recreational activities.

Unfortunately, since the airline lost one of my bags on the way down here, I didn’t have my hiking boots, and when that lizard bit my ankle, it hurt almost as bad as falling down that hill afterwards.

Thankfully, my friends were able to assemble a makeshift stretcher to help me get back to the main road, and boy were we ever relieved when that nice man in the truck came by to give us a ride to the clinic. At least, I think it was a clinic. I mean, there were cots there with a bunch of sick people laying on them, and I really think that if we had waited just a little longer, someone would have assisted us eventually. I’m really not sure. I was kind of beginning to pass out from the pain and none of the people dressed like nurses spoke English. My buddy had his translation dictionary with him, and although he tried to get help, it seems the clinic wouldn’t treat me unless I paid them first. Unfortunately, they did not accept Chicklets.

Don’t worry about me though, my foot is still black but I am beginning to get the feeling back in my toes which is certainly a good thing when you’re sleeping outdoors. There are some crazy insects around here! I sure wish the hotel wouldn’t have lost my reservation.

You know what mom and dad? I’ve been thinking about how you told me to get trip insurance from Insurance Services of America. I guess I didn’t think I would need it, but it sure would have been nice to have someone who could have gotten me a new hotel room, or some emergency cash when I lost my wallet, or bought me some new boots, or paid the clinic so they would treat me and get me back home safely. Just like you would have done yourself if you were here. For under 2 bucks a day, a travel medical plan could have protected me and given you peace of mind, too. But don’t worry about me, mom and dad! I think I might be coming home soon. I found a company that does medical evacuations, and although it is a bit costly, at least I’ll be safe. And I promise, I will totally pay you back the Fifty Thousand Dollars just as soon as I can.

See you guys soon,

Your Son

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