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My Broken Bone Didn’t Break the Bank—Insurance Works

My Broken Bone Didn’t Break the Bank—Insurance Works Featured Image

It’s funny how having a kid changes things. And when I say “things,” I mean everything. Before our son, Milo, my husband and I didn’t think much about our health insurance. If we had it, great. If we didn’t, we were prepared to tough it out. But when Milo entered our lives, we knew we had to get serious about our health insurance.

A few months after Milo arrived, my husband started a new job. While we waited for his insurance plan to kick in, we decided to get a short-term health plan to cover our son. As a Plan Specialist at Insurance Services of America, I had no excuse but to research and find the best plan for us.

I chose the plan with the best benefits and rates. We had the option to cover only Milo, but my new mom instincts kicked in and we decided to purchase the plan for all three of us. And I’m glad we did.

My instincts paid off. Within weeks our new baby had to visit the pediatric urgent care for a high fever. It was typical kids’ stuff, thankfully, and our $50 co-pay was cheaper than visiting his primary physician. For us, the short-term insurance was just what we needed to put our minds at ease.

But Milo wasn’t the only one benefiting from the insurance. Remember what I said about “toughing it out”? When you slip off a step in your garage, break your leg and are lying on the ground, there is no such thing as toughing it out. There’s just pain and fear and desperation. I know, because it happened to me.

After my fall in the garage, my husband called for help and I was taken to the emergency room where I had surgery to bolt my fibula back together. My doctor’s office dealt with the insurance company directly and even though I was out of it, everything was taken care of. Eventually the bills started coming. I filled out the necessary claim forms and was relieved to have $25,000 in medical bills covered without incident.

I love being a mom and am so glad I listened to my instincts to purchase the insurance for everyone, not just little Milo. I look back and wonder how we could have toughed out a huge medical cost like that. I know that in today’s economy people are willing to take a risk and cancel their health insurance, thinking they’ll be lucky enough to not have to use it. That’s how I used to think, but I have learned when it comes to taking risks, it’s easier to budget a monthly insurance premium than to budget a $25,000 surgery.

I enjoy helping busy families and people waiting for group insurance find a short-term insurance plan to bridge the gap. I encourage anyone taking a risk on his or her health insurance to call an agent or myself to get a quote today. It’s quick and surprisingly affordable—especially considering the alternative.

If you need any advice on your own health insurance, please give me a call.

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