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Save Up To 40% On Your Next Plane Ticket

Save Up To 40% On Your Next Plane Ticket Featured Image

According to a recent study by the Airlines Reporting Corp., who handles millions of ticketing transactions between the nation’s airlines and travel agents,  found that passengers pay the lowest price, nearly 6% below the overall average fare, if they buy six weeks before their flight.  Ticket prices begin to significantly increase 7 to 10 days before the day of travel, and can rise nearly 40% above the average price if a passenger buys the ticket on the day of the flight.

Chuck Thackston, managing director of data and analytics for the firm states:

We’re not advising people to purchase tickets only at this time during the cycle as there is no guarantee they will receive the lowest price of the year… It is just that the data indicates we have seen this pattern over the last four years.

It you believe the cost of oil and gasoline will continue to rise, then it might be a good time to purchase your airfare for your summer vacation.  If you find a “good deal” on a non-refundable airline ticket or tour package but don’t want the financial risk in case of an unforeseen emergency, then contact a Client Advisor at Insurance Services of America for a low cost travel insurance policy which lets you cancel your trip for any reason.  Call us at (800) 647.4589 or email us at