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Why Women Should Travel Alone Once In Her Life

A couple months ago, we posted an article on “Women’s Solo Travel Under Scrutiny”. While that article brings up interesting arguments as to why women shouldn’t travel alone, we found this article that argues the exact opposite. Read this blurb of the article, then continue to read the article by clicking the link below!

“There was a moment, the last time I traveled alone, when I was stuck in a dark alley in Mexico, with two wild dogs and a lazy pony roaming around that I thought, “hmmm… maybe this wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.”

But, that moment of uncertainty passed. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had, but, until Michael Fassbender comes along and whisks me away to Paris, it was the best vacation I’ve ever been on.”

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Women’s Health While Traveling

You can find whatever medications you need in Europe, but you already know what works for you in the US. It’s easiest to B.Y.O. pills, whether for cramps, yeast infections, or birth control. Some health-insurance companies issue only a month’s supply of birth control pills at a time; ask for a larger supply for a longer trip. Tampons and pads, widely available in Europe, are sold — for more than the US price — at supermarkets, pharmacies, and convenience stores. You may not see the range of brands and sizes typical in American supermarkets, so if you’re used to a particular type, it’s simpler and cheaper to bring what you’ll need from home.

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Calculating The Risk Of Buying Insurance

Calculating The Risk of Buying Insurance

Marcelo Almeida doesn’t typically buy travel insurance, though he practically lives on the road.

But the thought of his daughter being stranded in Chicago on Christmas Eve while flying home to Coppell, Texas, last year, led him to change his mind.

The trip went smoothly. But Almeida, a strategic account executive for a global education company, was glad for the protection — just in case.

“Insurance is one of those things that you feel neutral if you got it and didn’t have to use it,” Almeida says, “but regret deeply if you didn’t, and needed it.”

With all that can go wrong on a trip — you wake up too sick to fly or lose your passport along the Champs-Elysees — travel insurance can come in handy.

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