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Calculating The Risk Of Buying Insurance

Calculating The Risk Of Buying Insurance Featured Image

Calculating The Risk of Buying Insurance

Marcelo Almeida doesn’t typically buy travel insurance, though he practically lives on the road.

But the thought of his daughter being stranded in Chicago on Christmas Eve while flying home to Coppell, Texas, last year, led him to change his mind.

The trip went smoothly. But Almeida, a strategic account executive for a global education company, was glad for the protection — just in case.

“Insurance is one of those things that you feel neutral if you got it and didn’t have to use it,” Almeida says, “but regret deeply if you didn’t, and needed it.”

With all that can go wrong on a trip — you wake up too sick to fly or lose your passport along the Champs-Elysees — travel insurance can come in handy.

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