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An Alternative to ObamaCare (ACA)

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An Alternative to ObamaCare (ACA)

It’s safe to say that what happens in 2014 is incredibly unpredictable. The back end of the site has insurers not getting good information. We are beginning to see a train wreck of administrative and service issues for people signing up through the public exchange because the data is incomplete or just plain wrong. Eligibility verification will fail. Claims will be denied. Networks on exchange plans are shrinking rapidly so access is flawed….. then on top of this there are security issues.

ObamaCare (ACA) needs 7M enrollees to make this thing work. 2.8M (40%) need to be young people. In January of 2014, only 24% that are signing up are young people. Part of the low turn out is because under this same law young people are allowed to stay in their parents plan to age 26 – so why sign up and pay a lot more premium? Also this younger segment is seeing the largest rate increases because of the laws ridiculous three tier age band structure. Young “invincibles” weren’t buying coverage before, why will they do it now at such a large expenditure? The exchanges are going to be in major trouble. If they don’t get the right blend of ages and risk, the high premiums will move much higher. What a mess.

A good, lower cost alternative to ObamaCare (ACA) is one of our short-term plans. Our biggest selling short-term in years is our HCC short-term (underwritten by HCC Life –  A+ Superior rated). You can find this low cost, EZ issue major medical plan on this web site under “Short Term Insurance”. More plan details including a video can be found.

A short-term plan is very similar to a standard major medical plan but for a shorter period of time (depending on the state up to 11 months). It is so affordable compared to ObamaCare – it’s simplified issue and coverage can be effective within 24 hours. Plus if along the way you develop a serious health condition, then it might make sense to enroll in ObamaCare ASAP in order to get pre-existing coverage. Plus, because of the lower federal penalty (or is now called a tax or fee?) in 2014, people will still opt out of ObamaCare (ACA), pay the low penalty and overall still save money due to the much lower pricing of our short-term coverage.

If you can enroll and afford an ObamaCare (ACA) plan by all means do so, but our short-term alternative may be a great 2nd option for you.

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