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Short-Term Insurance for Use Within the US

The short-term insurance, travel insurance, and visitor insurance you find here has been selected to fit your needs. We present short-term medical insurance plans for US citizens, as well as visitor insurance for non-US citizens visiting or immigrating to the US.

The travel insurance here is primarily for US citizens and legal residents traveling within the United States. For travel insurance specifically selected for non-US citizens, please visit For travel insurance for US citizens traveling outside the US, please visit

Our Client Advisors selected this insurance with you in mind. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have questions, please call (800) 647-4589 or 01 (480) 821-9052, or ask a Client Advisor and we’ll be in touch soon.

Now, let’s get started. Select the type of insurance you need from the three options below:


Short-Term Insurance

Illnesses and injuries happen at the most inopportune times. If you’re out of work, if your employer doesn’t provide insurance, if you simply can’t afford or qualify for standard major medical insurance, or if you’re not yet eligible for Medicare, going without insurance can be a scary proposition. Thankfully, we have temporary insurance plans to help bridge the gaps in coverage and offer peace of mind. Select from two of our best short-term insurance plans, including a plan that can be written just for your children.

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Travel Insurance

Traveling can be an expensive investment. A hard-earned vacation, honeymoon, or business trip can be well planned, but unforeseen circumstances can wreck those plans in an instant. Protect the cost of your trip against weather delays and other unexpected surprises that can interrupt or cancel your plans. Some of our plans also include emergency medical coverage as an added benefit.

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Health Insurance for Visitors and Immigrants

You probably know America is the “Land of the Free,” but our medical care isn’t. Costs for health care in the United States can be quite expensive, so limiting your medical expenses with affordable health insurance is a wise choice. Visitor insurance plans help non-US citizens do just that. Whether you are immigrating to the US or visiting for work or holiday, we have visitor insurance for individuals and families as well as renewable insurance plans to provide long-term coverage.

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