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The following examples demonstrate how short-term medical insurance, travel insurance, and visitor health insurance work.

Short-Term Insurance

A retired engineer who recently turned 64, Louis is in good health and enjoys exercising to stay fit. Nevertheless, the prospect of not having health insurance for year—until he is eligible for Medicare—is not something he wants to worry about.

Louis went online and purchased one of our affordable short-term medical insurance plans. It’s temporary insurance that provides catastrophic protection in and out of the hospital. What’s even more beneficial for Louis is that this particular plan allows him to seek care at an Urgent Care Center after only a $50 co-pay.

Not only does he have medical coverage to bridge the gap until he is eligible for Medicare, but affordable monthly payments and the Urgent Care Center benefit help Louis stay on budget for the next year.

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Travel Insurance

To celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, Dr. Sharp and his wife planned a trip of a lifetime, a 2-week cruise along the Italian Riviera. The flight arrangements and cruise reservations totaled more than $15,000, but the couple had been saving for the trip and they were excited to embark on their well-deserved adventure.

A few months before the Sharps began research for their trip, Mrs. Sharp’s elderly mother, Ruth, began struggling with bouts of vertigo. Worried she might need treatment or hospitalization, the Sharps purchased trip cancellation insurance with a cancel-for-any-reason benefit. In case something happened to her and they needed to stay back to help, they wanted to make sure they could be reimbursed some of the non-refundable costs of their trip.

Unfortunately, just two days before their scheduled departure date, Ruth fell and broke her arm and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Dr. Sharp and his wife cancelled their flights and cruise reservations so they could help Ruth through her hospitalization and recovery.

Thankfully, the travel insurance and cancel-for-any-reason benefit covered most of the Sharp’s trip costs. Without the travel insurance, the cruise liner may have honored some of their costs, but not all, and the airline would not have covered any costs. The insurance helped the couple recoup thousands of dollars; allowing them to reschedule their anniversary cruise a few months later.

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Visitor Insurance

Isabel is a medical student studying in the US and each summer her mother Edna visits her for a few weeks. Edna flies a long way from India to visit her daughter. Though the trip is tiring, she’s more than happy to make the journey.

Isabel knows medical costs in America are very expensive. So even though Edna is healthy, Isabel always buys visitor insurance for her mother in case there is a medical emergency during her trip.

On her most recent visit, Edna experienced persistent pains in the side of her abdomen; Isabel grew concerned. Her training in medical school told her this may be the first stage of appendicitis, a condition that could become fatal if not treated within a few hours.

Isabel took her mother to the hospital emergency room. There, tests confirmed that Edna needed emergency surgery to remove her appendix. Thankfully, the surgery was successful and in a couple days Edna was released from the hospital. She spent the remainder of her visit recovering and was able to fly home as scheduled.

Without her visitor insurance, Edna would have been billed $35,000 for her time at the emergency room, doctor’s fees, surgery, and follow-up care. However, because Isabel had purchased an insurance plan for her mother, the total costs were only $1,400 ($150 for the insurance premium, a $250 insurance deductible, and $1,000 coinsurance). Visitor insurance helped Edna save $33,600.

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