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On the Road Again

One of my favorite things about road trips are the fun new restaurants you can try along the way. I would never eat at a chain restaurant when I am in a different town; I like to sample the local ingredients and regional favorites. However, when you’re in a different place, you can sometimes be taking a gamble. The best thing to do is ask the locals. They are going to know about those off the beaten path places with the best grub and the cleanest kitchens.

I am a planner. I love to plan my vacations cause it kind of feels like they begin earlier that way, and I have a couple favorite websites I visit before taking a road trip:

Where the Locals Eat lets you search by state to find the best eats in the area. You’ll probably even find something in your own back yard that you haven’t tried yet.

Road Trip America is an awesome planning tool that lets you search by area or route. You can even print out points of interest to read along the way and annoy the other people in the car with you.

RoundTrip Trip Insurance from Insurance Services of America. Since I am taking a road trip, I use the zero trip cost feature, which gets me all the coverage of the regular plan minus the airline benefits—for a fraction of the cost.

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