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Keep Kids Safe When You Travel

Even though Children who travel the globe are susceptible to a number of infections and injuries, a new study shows that while 59 percent of adults had gotten pre-travel medical care, only 49 percent of children had.In a study of more than 34,000 international travelers who sought medical care for travel-related ills, researchers found that children most often suffered bouts of diarrhea, skin injuries, fevers and respiratory infections, and were more likely than adults to be hospitalized for their conditions.Experts recommend that parents discuss their travel plans with their child’s pediatrician about four to six weeks in advance, to leave enough time for any necessary vaccinations, medications, or drugs used to prevent things like malaria. Parents can also get advice on how to self-treat common problems like diarrhea and respiratory infections — and how to recognize when a child’s symptoms are serious enough to warrant medical care.

Children are at greater risk of animal bites, CLM, respiratory infections and certain causes of diarrhea — like bacterial infection and acute gastroenteritis, a stomach infection often caused by food poisoning.

Traveling is a great experience for kids, and Insurance Services of America policyholders have just one more reason to love our travel medical insurance plans.

You give your kids the world. We’ll give them worldwide protection.