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Traveling With Children

Traveling with children can be difficult. Perhaps we’d head to England, where accents would be our only language hurdle. Or I could take her to Mexico, where I spent a lot of time while growing up in San Diego. Or we could head to France or Belgium, where we have cousins.

I knew my 5-year-old daughter’s first trip abroad could open her eyes to different cultures, music, food and ways of living. Even if she understood the language, she might see for the first time that people live differently than we do. While I had been pondering where to go, spring break in Costa Rica fell into my lap.

My child had to get extra shots, wouldn’t speak the language and occasionally gets picky about food. But that was the point, right? To show her a different way of living. And it turned out the flight was a quick hop, we had excellent hosts and we loved the food and our adventures. By all accounts, the trip was a great success.


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