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Coffee, Vietnamese Style Thumbnail

Coffee, Vietnamese Style

Has regular regular coffee left you wanting more? Try a Vietnamese iced coffee and put a new spring in your step. And then some.

Recently, our Individual Plan Specialist, Grace Morrow returned from a trip to her home country, Vietnam. She returned bearing gifts—special Lunar New Year candies, even purses. But the jewel of her spoils was a simple bag of coffee. Really delicious, dark dark dark roasted coffee.

Here’s how we enjoyed it in the office:

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

  • Vietnamese coffee – 2 scoops of grounds per cup of water
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Ice

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About $400,000 in Coins Forgotten at TSA Checkpoints in 2010 Thumbnail

About $400,000 in Coins Forgotten at TSA Checkpoints in 2010

Ever wonder what happens to the change collected at the TSA? Ever wonder how much is collected? Turns out, pocket change can actually be quite a large sum.

In 2010, that loose change amounted to $409,085.56. That’s $376,480.39 in dollar coins, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies, plus foreign currency worth $32,605.17.

Read the full story at USA Today.

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