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Tips For Athletes Traveling To An Athletic Event Thumbnail

Tips For Athletes Traveling To An Athletic Event

Tips for Athletes Traveling To An Athletic Event

By: Maile Keone

Sweating and getting your heart pumping on vacation is an amazing opportunity, but it can take special preparation to make it a success. My job requires me to travel, so I’m naturally very particular about my leisure travel planning. I enjoy traveling for a fitness or athletic event because it creates an experience you wouldn’t ordinarily have in that destination. Taking a trip for a fitness or athletic event is different in many ways than a regular getaway, so I’ll share a few of the things I do to make fitness travel great. Read More »

Keep Kids Safe When You Travel Thumbnail

Keep Kids Safe When You Travel

Even though Children who travel the globe are susceptible to a number of infections and injuries, a new study shows that while 59 percent of adults had gotten pre-travel medical care, only 49 percent of children had.In a study of more than 34,000 international travelers who sought medical care for travel-related ills, researchers found that children most often suffered bouts of diarrhea, skin injuries, fevers and respiratory infections, and were more likely than adults to be hospitalized for their conditions.Experts recommend that parents discuss their travel plans with their child’s pediatrician about four to six weeks in advance, to leave enough time for any necessary vaccinations, medications, or drugs used to prevent things like malaria. Parents can also get advice on how to self-treat common problems like diarrhea and respiratory infections — and how to recognize when a child’s symptoms are serious enough to warrant medical care.

Children are at greater risk of animal bites, CLM, respiratory infections and certain causes of diarrhea — like bacterial infection and acute gastroenteritis, a stomach infection often caused by food poisoning.

Traveling is a great experience for kids, and Insurance Services of America policyholders have just one more reason to love our travel medical insurance plans.

You give your kids the world. We’ll give them worldwide protection.

Back-to-School… Backpacks Thumbnail

Back-to-School… Backpacks

Backpacks have become the most popular means for school age children to carry their books and school supplies.  And in fact, when used correctly, a properly designed backpack is an excellent way to carry the necessities of the school day.  Unfortunately, thousands of children each year experience back pain related to use of school backpacks that are too heavy or used incorrectly.  It appears that public awareness of backpack related back injuries has helped to reduce its incidence.  With the start of the new school year, however, it is worth offering a reminder to parents and children of ways to prevent these from occurring.

Read More »

Leave Your Dumb… Bells at Home Thumbnail

Leave Your Dumb… Bells at Home

Vacation is not an excuse to take a day off from your P90X workout, but you might find your hotel room doesn’t have enough room or a DVD player.   Well check out Even Hotels, the new chain from the InterContinental Hotel Group, where the guest rooms are designed with enough floor space for visitors to work out in them and include coat racks that double as pull-up bars, exercise benches that are also luggage benches, yoga mats tucked in the dresser drawers and foam rollers.

Many hotels have more than a treadmill in their gyms and you’ll find free weights, medicine balls, yoga mats and saunas in certain Weston, Kimpton and Sheraton hotels trying to lure the fitness conscience traveler.  Can’t wait until you arrive at the hotel, then  plan your itinerary though the DFW,  SFO or Indianapolis airports where you can borrow running shoes, iPods and join a Yoga session between flights.

You might not need trip delay insurance as long as you can squeeze in a good sweat between your next flight.  Read more about what hotels and airports fitness amenities online at

Take Control! Diabetes Prevention Tips Thumbnail

Take Control! Diabetes Prevention Tips

With an estimated 24 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, we often get calls from people needing insurance to cover treatments associated with the disease. While our Health Essential* plan will issue coverage to those with the illness, unfortunately, most insurance companies are not able to take on the risks and costs associated with diabetes and the lion’s share simply do not cover it. The good news is that for most of us, Type 2 diabetes (the most common form) is preventable.

This month, we’re taking this opportunity to share 5 tips from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic to help you take control of your health (and your ability to Read More »