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3 Online Safety Tips for College Students Thumbnail

3 Online Safety Tips for College Students

School begins over the next few weeks, and whether you are a freshman starting your college career, or a senior ready to graduate, computer and online safety is something that affects all college students. Here are three computer and online safety tips for college students:

  1. Be Protective of Your Personal Belongings – Laptops get stolen. Roommates aren’t always as nice or as trustworthy as you’d like. Don’t leave belongings that have personal and valuable information lying around. Purchase a computer lock and create strong passwords to make it more difficult for someone to steal your things and information. Read More »
How to Get Your School To Pay For Your Trip To Italy Thumbnail

How to Get Your School To Pay For Your Trip To Italy

Don’t be confused, the title of this article is not “How to Get Your School To Pay For Your Next Vacation.”   If you have a desire to go to Italy, then present your school the value of history, cultural, geography, language arts and science of your trip.  The value of experiencing Italy (or any country or destination) cannot be replicated in a classroom.  Climbing the steps of  Rome’s Colosseum or finding hidden gems such as Civita di Bagnoregio or the Valley of the Temples is an invaluable educational experience. Read More »

Leave Your Dumb… Bells at Home Thumbnail

Leave Your Dumb… Bells at Home

Vacation is not an excuse to take a day off from your P90X workout, but you might find your hotel room doesn’t have enough room or a DVD player.   Well check out Even Hotels, the new chain from the InterContinental Hotel Group, where the guest rooms are designed with enough floor space for visitors to work out in them and include coat racks that double as pull-up bars, exercise benches that are also luggage benches, yoga mats tucked in the dresser drawers and foam rollers.

Many hotels have more than a treadmill in their gyms and you’ll find free weights, medicine balls, yoga mats and saunas in certain Weston, Kimpton and Sheraton hotels trying to lure the fitness conscience traveler.  Can’t wait until you arrive at the hotel, then  plan your itinerary though the DFW,  SFO or Indianapolis airports where you can borrow running shoes, iPods and join a Yoga session between flights.

You might not need trip delay insurance as long as you can squeeze in a good sweat between your next flight.  Read more about what hotels and airports fitness amenities online at