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Citizens Unite!!

Stop Complaining and Start Reporting.   Have you seen cars blocking traffic, dangerous potholes, graffiti or other public nuisances in your community and wanted to report the problem but didn’t know how?   See Click Fix is a nationwide service that allows citizens to report and track non-emergency issues within their neighborhood. Users enter a brief description of the problem or upload photos from your smart phone and the complaint is then routed to the proper authority, and progress on the matter is routinely updated.  You can pat yourself on the back once the issue is resolved or continue to draw attention to it if it isn’t.  Read More »

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Honeymoon Destinations Just Right For You

If you’re planning an upcoming honeymoon, have you considered the meaning behind your honeymoon? My husband and I considered our own honeymoon the beginning of a beautiful life together. So for friends and family planning their upcoming honeymoons, I think no matter where you choose to go, your destination should be peaceful and enjoyable, surrounding you only with only fun, excitement, and relaxation.

We all have dream honeymoon destinations. Some of you may want to spend your honeymoon enjoying nature and wildlife, while some prefer a more romantic atmosphere filled with nights out on the town exploring local fare, and even some just want a relaxing seaside getaway. I’ve been researching honeymoon destinations for a family member recently and am amazed at the options; here are my top picks based on the type of couple you are: Read More »