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Coffee, Vietnamese Style

Coffee, Vietnamese Style Featured Image

Has regular regular coffee left you wanting more? Try a Vietnamese iced coffee and put a new spring in your step. And then some.

Recently, our Individual Plan Specialist, Grace Morrow returned from a trip to her home country, Vietnam. She returned bearing gifts—special Lunar New Year candies, even purses. But the jewel of her spoils was a simple bag of coffee. Really delicious, dark dark dark roasted coffee.

Here’s how we enjoyed it in the office:

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

  • Vietnamese coffee – 2 scoops of grounds per cup of water
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Ice

Make the coffee in your favorite coffee maker. Even if it’s not your favorite, just go ahead and make it. In a tall cup or glass add about a 1.5″ thick layer of sweetened condensed milk (any brand will do). Pour the coffee over the milk and with a spoon stir the delicious sweetness into the coffee.

Once it’s well mixed, pour over ice, add a bendy straw, return to your desk and sip gently. Prepare yourself for the buzz to follow. Now would be a great time to put your extra “energy” to use by reorganizing old emails, or if you’re at home, scrubbing tile grout with a toothbrush.

How do you like your coffee?


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