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3 Online Safety Tips for College Students

3 Online Safety Tips for College Students Featured Image

School begins over the next few weeks, and whether you are a freshman starting your college career, or a senior ready to graduate, computer and online safety is something that affects all college students. Here are three computer and online safety tips for college students:

  1. Be Protective of Your Personal Belongings – Laptops get stolen. Roommates aren’t always as nice or as trustworthy as you’d like. Don’t leave belongings that have personal and valuable information lying around. Purchase a computer lock and create strong passwords to make it more difficult for someone to steal your things and information.
  2. Share Selectively – It is tempting to post a lot of information online, or to talk about things over the Internet with your new friends. However, exercise some caution when creating your social media profiles and chatting online.  And avoid broadcasting your address or your exact location on campus.
  3. Check Your Wireless Connections – Although the connection on campus may be secure, that might not be the case if you decide to study at a coffee shop off-campus or at a friend’s apartment. If you’re using the Internet in locations where the wireless connection may not be secure, then it’s not a good time to purchase your textbooks or to have your parents wire you money. An unsecure network connection makes it easy for an identity thief to get your financial information.

Safety in college is much more than walking with a partner at night and locking your doors. Nowadays, it involves computer and online safety as well.

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